Our philosophy…

At dilstories, we believe in telling stories to change lives. Our non-fiction projects utilize cutting-edge storytelling to tackle issues of human rights, social justice, and civil liberties. We give a voice to oppressed and forgotten minorities, to raise awareness and advocate for positive change in their communities.

To support this noble cause, we make exciting fiction films that touch on contemporary African issues. Our stories may not contain headline subjects common in CNN and BBC coverage, but rather are about the everyday lives of ordinary Africans whose stories are deemed insignificant by the rest of the world.

Seeing that the African writer does not have a platform to showcase his work, we entered into book publishing as well. We run a not-for-profit literary magazine, to especially give Ugandan writers a chance to grow. In the coming years, we shall take advantage of e-publishing and the opportunities on the Internet to revive the African book industry.

Untouchable Love

A full-length documentary about inter-caste marriages in a traditional Hindu society. Four high-cast girls run away with untouchables, leading to bloodshed, ethnic cleansing, and death.