Corporate Video Productions

At Dilstories, we take pride in delivering high quality videos and documentaries, no matter the budget of the client. We work with all kinds of corporate bodies, from international organizations like The World Bank to little, homegrown companies, we deliver the same kind of quality. Is it a video presentation? A visual promo for your organization? An activist campaign? A short film promoting your agenda? A documentary film showcasing the great works your non-governmental project has accomplished? Or maybe you want something to help market you to sponsors, donors, and other kinds of partners? We are here for you. Our staff have a strong background in the NGO and corporate sectors, and thus the scripts we shall for you will present complex data and cumbersome reports into short entertaining videos that any one can enjoy and easily understand. Below are examples of what we have done for some of our previous clients.

The World Bank

A film made from a bulky report

Volunteer Services Overseas

A fictional film for awareness raising

Volunteer Services Overseas

A documentary film about a project

Corporate Stills Photography

Other than video production, we offer stills photography services as well. We shall capture the precious moments from in your special event and present it to you in a format of your choice. Maybe as a framed wall hanging, or as an album, or as a coffee table book, or in electronic formats to share on social media and as wall papers and screen savers for your devices, whatever your need, our still photographs will preserve those valuable memories in a manner that will showcase the strength and beauty of your organization, the charisma of your staff, and the vibrancy and color of your projects. Take a look at photographs below from events we covered.

Writers in a training organized by FEMRITE and African Women.

A young lady speaks at an event of the Commonwealth Foundation.

Participants in a conference organised by FEMRITE and African Women Development Fund

A conference to mark the 20th Anniversery of the Uganda Women Writer's Association.

Many more services!

We are a media production company, which means our services are not limited to film production and still photography. We produce magazines and digital artworks, we help you with graphic design and website designs, we will produce for your pod casts and music if you request for it.

Training on Film Production

In 2017, in partnership with Stitching Doen, we started a film training program, which emphasises the use of readily available resources to produce high quality films. Is your company spending too much money on video productions and want to start in-house productions, or are you in the communications department and want to enhance your skills in media production? Maybe you project sponsors youth in vocational training? We offer you tailor made packages, and we guarantee that within a month those who train with us become expert video producers.

Content for your media and websites

We are a media production compnay, which means our services are not limited to film production and still photography. Our staff are experienced writers who have won multiple awards internationally, and they will write you that amazing brochure, that inspiring newsletter, that motivating speech, well, maybe not speech, but you get the idea? We are word-smiths and if you are looking for great content to fill your blog, or website, we are there for you.

Equipment for Hire

We have a variety of equipment for hire, these include professional cameras and camcorders, DSLRs, audio mixers and recorders, and all accessories to cater for your audio-visual needs. Just drop us a line through our contact page.

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