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About Us

Founded in 2008, dilSTORIES is a media production company in Uganda that specializes in telling stories to change lives. We make documentaries, narrative films and we publish literary magazines and ebooks. While our films are made on a global platform, our literary projects focus on Ugandan and African writers.

We are humanitarian workers and social activists. We have work to help the disadvantaged to realize a better life, and downtrodden to realize social justice, and compelling intolerant societies to respect human rights.

In 2011, we released our first, major project, Untouchable Love, a feature length documentary that we made in Nepal, about forbidden love and illicit marriages in Hindu cultures. It is not a unique topic, but it is something that the world is forgetting, and over the years we have seen an increase in gross abuse of rights of couples who marry with untouchables. ‘Honor killings’ used not to occur in India, but of recent there has been a rise, which is an indication that if ignored, the problem will grow.

While in Nepal, we made two more documentaries about disability, to campaign for an improvement in the rights of disabled women in Nepal.

In 2012, we plan to launch a literary magazine to give African, with specific focus on Ugandan, writers a platform to showcase their works. We also plan to release our first ebook, to take advantage of the opportunities in e-publishing to revive African literature.

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