“It’s a weird and wonderful Mobius strip of a movie, with a brilliant lead actress. If only commercial cinema was this interesting.” 

Stephanie Saulter, author of the ®Evolution novels: GemsignsBinary 
and Regeneration.

“Her Broken Shadow is about a woman in a near East-African future, a sophisticated piece of metafiction that crosses Philip K. Dick with Samuel Beckett, alternative realities and monologues. It is about being alone. It’s a satire on writing workshops. It’s a vivid stand for the future being African; it’s a philosophical conundrum; it’s a two-hander for one actress, each character locked claustrophobically but photogenically in a small location talking essentially to herself. There is a murder. Or are there two murders? Or none? What’s imagined?…… I was knocked out by the film’s ambition and integrity.”

Geoff Ryman, in Strange Horizons

You can't escape the past.
“A fascinating chamber-piece within a chamber-piece, though ambiguous about which one is which, and beautifully lit and shot on RED camera.”

Mark Bould, co-editor of the journal Science Fiction Film and Television.

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