Mobile Film School

Download application form (via Google Drive)

At dilstories, we believe film should be an art form, and that
production costs should not limit a filmmaker’s ability to tell stories. With
our Mobile Film School, we aim at training filmmakers and any interested
persons in the use of new filmmaking technology and new media, and to
empower filmmakers to become creative entrepreneurs. We hope to build a diverse
film infrastructure in Uganda
where even those in rural areas are able to make and distribute their films.
Our overall aim is to build capacity of regional partner organisations to offer
recurrent training.

We shall start with a
pilot this year in Kabale (Western Uganda), and gradually roll out to other
regions of the country over the next years. The districts we hope to work in
the future include Gulu (Nothern), Arua (West Nile), Soroti (North East), Mbale
(Eastern), and Kampala (Central). We chose to start with Kabale mostly because we have a good
relationship with K-YMC, who will be our partners in implementing this pilot.
What Courses Shall We Offer?
Everybody who enrolls for
the program will be trained in the topics mentioned below. The reality of
filmmaking in Uganda is that a filmmaker does not specialize, so while you are
a screenwriter, you will have to learn cinematography and editing and other
aspects of the program. Our aim then is to create all round filmmakers who can
function as a one-person-crew.
The specific course are:
1. Screenwriting
2. Photography, Cinematography, and Videography
3. Video editing
4. Audio recording and editing
5. Stop-motion filming techniques
6. The business of film and media production (How to fundraise for
your film, and how to sell your film.)
  • You pay low fees. (With the pilot in Kabale, you will only have to
    pay a registration fee of 50,000 UGX, and receive three months of intensive
  • You learn a new skill to get better jobs, or to become self-employed and
    a job creator.
  • This is a practical training, that is we put emphasis on hands-on learning, and all trainees will get cash grants for practical lessons
  • 3 Filmmakers will win a cash grant of 500,000 UGX each to produce
    a short film
This opportunity is relevant to:
  1.  Filmmakers
  2. Students
  3.  Journalists and reporters
  4.  PR and Communication officers
  5.  Event Photographers and Videographers

Application Procedure for the Pilot:
To apply for the training in Kabale, please do the following:  
The form is also available
at K-YMC offices in Kabale (address below),

or you can request for one by sending an email to
2. Submit the application form
and all requested documents 

By email to:
By post to:     K-YMC

Box 1127, Kabale

Physically drop it off at K-YMC offices in Kabale.

                        K-YMC Offices
                        Kihefo Nutrition Center
                        Plot 16, Kigongi Road,
Kabale Municipality,



3. Requirements
  • A filled application form
    (available online or in Kihefo office)
  • A letter expressing why
    you are interested in the training
  • Samples of your work if
    any is available (either on DVD or as online link).
  • A script or story for
    a short film
Deadline: 15th June 2017
Notification date: Successful applicants will receive a notification by: 25th June 2017.
Workshop dates:  The workshop will start on 9th July 2017 and run until 31st October
2017 Successful applicants will be expected to be available full time for the duration of the training.
Registration Fee: Upon selection, participants will have to pay a
registration fee of 50,000/- Please note that it is free to apply

The workshop in Kabale is a non-residential training in Kabale,
and participants are preferably residents of Kabale. Accommodation may be
provided on a case-by-case basis only to those who live in remote areas of