Felistas is cursed. She stinks. No one can stand to stay near her. This causes her to separate from her family and live as a lonely outcast in an abandoned house.

But one day, a witchdoctor finds a solution. A cry-baby man can inherit the smell from her. Felistas is hesitant to grab the opportunity, because she does not want another person to live through the pain that she has, but she longs to reunite with her husband and child. So she kidnaps such a man, Dan, who is a virgin desperate to get married.

However, Dan recently got a job that makes him very rich. This attracts the attention of Kate, a gold-digger woman who he has wooed for a long time, and that of a corrupt cop, Jomba, who frames him for murder in an extortion scheme. As Felistas races against time to deliver Dan to the witch and win back her husband’s love, it turns into a high-energy chase with a voluptuous Kate and a trigger-happy Jomba hot on her tail.

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